Friday, February 22, 2013

Banned from Church!

When i was 22 I was dating an ex girlfriend also 22 at the time and we had sex all the time and would do it anywhere. Well her family is all into church and invited me to church one Sunday. So I go, the pastor was preaching and my ex is sending me freaky texts throughout the service making it hard to pay attention to what the pastor is saying. Well after church we went out to eat and had to return for evening service. Well we get to the evening service early where as nobody's at the church but us her parents and maybe 4 other people. Well while sitting in the car we start kissing and she takes off her panties. I stop her and was like chill we at church. She tells me that she always wanted to do it in church. With hesitation I said ok where. so we go in the church and she takes me in the baptism pool. Which was right above the choir stand in front of the church. So we go at it and about 15 mins into it. the pastor cuts on the water to fill the pool to preparing to have an actual baptism service. He looks right at us and told us to get out of there and calls her father. Lets just say I didn't go back ever again. An the funny part is i pulled out when i nutted and got it all over the pool the pastor didn't clean it out and started dipping people in the water. SMH!!! Now that was embarrassing. Getting caught having sex in the baptism pool by the pastor.

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