Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be quick!

Me and my ex boyfriend finally started having sex after 6 months. And after we started we did it ALL the time, we didn't care where we were at. It got to the point where we were really stupid about it. 
We'd do it in the house while everyone was there with my door unlocked and my parents in the room right next to us. 
And one day that finally came back to bite us in the ass.
(me and my little sister shared a room at the time)
So we were on her bed. And we were doing it when my mom walked in. Thankfully the only thing that was off were our pants and I managed to get mine on fast enough and sit up so that she didn't realize that we were having sex. She just thought I was giving him a bj. Lol
To this day my mom picks on me about it and tells me how gross my ex's butt looks.

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