Saturday, February 23, 2013


My boyfriend and I love sex. We like the feeling, how much we do it, and how easy it is. One night while we
were getting busy, I tried a new form of birth control, spermicide. Everything was going good until my
boyfriend has his "ohhh" face to this horrible painful face. I stop and ask him what was wrong. He told me nothing so we got back to it. After about five more minutes, he flings me off of him and he runs
screaming into the bathroom holding his pecker. Here I am, naked and just kinda wondering what the bloody
fuck. He comes back to the room his dick red with tears streaming down his face and him just cupping his boys. All he told me was "It burns,really,really, bad." I couldn't help but to start laughing at the situation. He asked what it could have been since I usually just take the pill. When I told him I used spermicide he read the directions and we found out that day you use them after sex, not before. Oops!{

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