Friday, February 22, 2013

Church Badluck

So, a couple of weeks after me and my boyfriend had split up we were texting, I was out drinking and like most people it makes me horny! Lol. So we decided I was going to go back to his for some 'fun'. His mum and step-dad were in so we had to be really quiet. Things got heated and I was giving him head when I thought I just had a bit of a runny nose, then I thought shit I really did have a runny nose! I opened my eyes and realised it wasn't snot, I was having a nose bleed, there was blood absolutely everywhere, we were covered in it! Anyway, the morning came and I got a taxi home, make up everywhere, blood over my top and tights in my hand, pretty obvious what I'd been up to. I got in the taxi and he said "erm isn't that the priests house you've just come out of!? Looks like you had a great night!" oh I forgot to say his stepdad is a priest, I also left my thong in the taxi! Was just my luck I got the same taxi driver the weekend after, yep he remembered!

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