Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dont scare People!

so Last year I went to this beach party and there was two tents set up, one at the fire and one about 20 metres away. 
Anyway, my two friends decided to go and do the deed in the tent away from everyone.
Aparently after they finished up she went down on him and started giving him head, at that point in time a couple of friends thought it would be funny to go up rattle the tent and scare the shit out of the two of them.
The rest of us were sitting down at the water and next thing you hear is this horrible high pitch scream.
They both come running out screaming.
Turns out when the rest of my friends went to scare them, she bit down on his dick.
It was so funny but in the end we had to call an ambulance and he got 3 stiches on his wang

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