Monday, February 18, 2013

Embarrasing Night out!

a couple years ago i went out with some friends to a couple bars just to relieve some stress, i wasnt planning on meeting anyone or hooking up until this guy started sending over some drinks so i thought hey! why not! i might as well go over there and talk to him, when i got over to where he was i had realized that he was missing a tooth right in the front but since i was already buzzed up it didnt really matter to me.. so we started dancing and he started putting his hand up my dress so i was ready and willing to leave with him, we get back to his place and i start stripping for him and he falls asleep, so i decided to give him head maybe that will wake him up so i lay him down and i sit on his face and start going at it and while im sitting on his face he pukes, rolls over and poos himself and it got all over me! he wakes up goes to the bathroom to clean up and i went into the other one to clean off and he comes out and asks if he can lick the puke off my vagina and to make matters worse while he asked me this he started weeing himself ..last time i ever leave with someone from a bar i dont know!!!!!

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