Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Field Trouble?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about two and a half years now and in the summer if my parents were home we would drive around and find different and exciting places to have sex. So one summer day we were driving about the country side looking around for fields that looked slightly enclosed and we found one we liked the look of. So we parked up the car and climbed over the gate and found a spot we lay down a blanket so we wouldn't get to muddy and started doing it, as we changed position I realized I was facing a bridge as we both were nearly about to climax we herd a loud noise like a lorry or something we carried on as we were near a hedge and no one would of been able to see us, suddenly over the bridge comes a train, and it drives right next to us past this field... I just remember grabbing the blanket and trying to cover myself up as all these faces looked at us! I was so embarrassed.. That was the last time we ever went in a field again!

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