Saturday, February 23, 2013

Find a Better place!!

So one time, me and my boyfriend were in the car and I kept picking on him, and of course he couldn't do anything about it because he was driving, so he continuously made the threat "you're gunna' get it when we get home" course I wasn't afraid, and continued to laugh and pick.
When we get home, we go straight to his room, (he shares a room with his cousin for the moment) he pretty much dragged me to the bathroom and pushed me too my hands and knees, by this point I was excited with the rough play. So after some nips and kisses and so on I began giving him a BJ. After a time I move to sit on the toilet as he gets closer to exploding, he strips me of my shirt and I continue. Unfortunately, his cousin and brother decide to be funny and bang on the bathroom door. The door wasn't closed good and swung wide open right at the exact moment he nuts on my boobs. His knees give out and it's a mess as I scramble to hide yet close the door at the same time. To this day, his brother and cousin still make fun of us for it.

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