Monday, February 18, 2013

Grandma got a suprise!

well it all started on a lads night out in Belfast, me and a couple of mates decided to head out as we needed a catch up. We started off at my house where the drink was flowing, by this stage I was heavily intoxicated and by this I mean the worst in my life. So we all headed out and we went into the bar, we kept drinking away and the Craic was 90, so about an hour or two into the night I went up to the bar too get another beverage and this stunning brunette (I think) started chatting away to me so after getting along fine and after a snog or two she invited me back to hers. So we went back to her mums house, we were in her bedroom going at it and after I done the deed I went into the bathroom, I walked back into what I thought was her room took my boxers off and climbed back into bed and fell asleep, a while later I was woke up by screaming and a couple of thumps to the head - turns out I went into her grans room and slept beside her gran naked, needless to say I was out of that house quicker than lightning..

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