Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Neighbor fun!!

my best guy friend & i are neighbors so one night everyone was sleeping & so we hung out watching videos & talking then as usual one thing led to another so we started having sex on his couch then realized that his moms bed was on the other side of the wall so we moved to the floor. im a very loud person when it comes to sex so he tried to make sure to muffle my moans/screams so i wouldnt wake anyone up. then right as he was done cumming his mom woke up & we were buttnaked on the living room floor, he snatches the blanket off me to cover himself & i quickly dress (so quick i lost my underwear & put my pj's on backwards) & as soon as i pull my pjs up she comes walking through trying her hardest to see who i am b/c i turned my head since she doesnt know we have sex & as shes in the bathroom i ran out & when i got home he texted saying she heard us & knew it was me. the most embarassing thing was she found my underwear shoved in a cushion, washed, & gave them to him. we laugh so hard about it now lo

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