Thursday, February 14, 2013

Neighborly Love

So my guy and have have been seeing each other for almost 2 years were both in our early 30's and each have a preteen. We spend a lot of weekend time at my place with the kids since we don't live together so we get creative when the mood hits us because now we can't just make the kids take a nap. Well we were in the kitchen whipping up some lunch when the mood struck and we went at it.... there's a small porthole opening that looks from the kitchen through the family room so we could see the kids coming down the hallway without them really seeing us so we were really getting into it. He had both of his hands full of my hair as I was bent over the counter hugging my coffee maker and biting down on a dish towel to stiffle to moans when the Backdoor in the kitchen flies open and there stands not only my neighbor but her mother and grandmother with front row seats to the show... I was mortified but my neighbors grandmother turns to her and tells her to take some lessons from me and maybe she'll eventually keep a man around lol

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