Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Allgeric Reaction

One night before bed, me and my boyfriend at the time decided to do our nightly ritual of getting off. I live by the oath that I was taught to give my man a blow job at least once a week. So this night was the night. After I swallowed him I lied down next to him proud of myself. About 45 mins to an hour later, I wake up choking. My throat is closing and it feels like liquid is flowing freely from my throat into my lungs and stomach. I am panicked no doubt and wake him up to take me to the ER.

Once we are there the doctor rushes to me and asks me if I am allergic to any medicines. I am unable to talk but my boyfriend tells him yes I am allergic to Penicillin. The doctor states that I am having an allergic reaction and wants to know if I ingested Penicillin. I quickly shook my head no, knowing I am deathly allergic. He asks well if you haven't ingested it how did you get it in your system, at that point my boyfriend is very embarrassed and says under his breath I am taking it. The doctor looked confused for mere seconds and then smiles. He says I can stop this reaction for you this time, but you should be more careful of what you digest from now on. I wanted to die!!

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