Friday, February 22, 2013

Parking Lot Embarrassment

My husband and I are not real dangerous but we were at our sons pee wee football game and it was half time. We had went out to smoke. He was teasing me all night with kissing my neck and ears and what not. So he says come on I have an idea. He gets me in the back of our SUV and proceeds to pull down my pants and panties, spreads my legs apart and goes to licking and it's feeling really good and I am about to cum for the 3rd time and I hear giggling. I freak out and we get up and I get my pants back up and look and there is this couple who was parked beside us and they just give us a look like oh yeah we know. I was so Embarrassed! My husband thought it was funny. He reminds me o that every time we pass that stadium.

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