Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tampon Fun

So iwas at the very end of my period, so barely spoting. Of course i let my fiance know, but he didn't care, he'd waited a week &still Wanted some. (He told me early in the morning) so at night after my shower i put in my tampon as usual, just incase i misjudged my period length, completely forgetting my fiance said he wanted to have sex that night... so fast forward to bedtime, he's layin there &i give him some head, and he starts to put it in, but for some reason couldn't get it in, so he feels down there &is like' i feel something there' &i swore up n down there was nth, (I FORGOT MY TAMPON WAS IN) so i went to the bathroom and quitly took it out, and went back to bed, and continue to deny there was anything there ! And we continued to do our do To this day ill never forget that ! So embarrassing

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