Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Check the area better!!

Okay, in high school my boyfriend (ex now) of fours years was ALWAYS horny, I mean all of the time. So we would always find interesting places at school to have sex, whether that be bathrooms, the auditorium, stage furniture we used in drama class, nooks in hallways, or even stairwells. You name it, we probably did it there. But one time on lunch we decided we would go out to this abandoned baseball field, and try our luck there. We walk there and noticed no one around, so naturally we start getting into it. We chose one of the benches in a dug out and we started with 69 and he ended up flipping me over and eating me out. While eating me out, I hear this noise so generally I panic, I pull my dress down and look up only to see about three Mexican men tending to the field that we thought was abandoned, one of which was staring straight in our direction, maybe a few yards away, watching everything that was going on. At least the others were lining the field with chalk so they were further away. I still to this day have no idea how long he had been there watching. But that story embarrassed my ex and I so much, it never got brought up EVER again

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