Friday, March 8, 2013

Curfew problem!

My parents are crazy strict and give me a curfew of 2am even though I'm 20 years old and in college. Well anyways my boyfriend takes me home and parks in my driveway, but it was still a little early for my curfew and I still wanted to have a little fun before I went in for the night ;). My boyfriend being the good guy he is didn't want to disrespect my parents house by fooling around in front of it, but I REALLY wanted to have sex. So after awhile, me being the crazy and very convincing girl I am I finally convince him to get in the back seat and we start to fool around. He has a very small car so that was the first annoyance but he utilized his space very well. We both came, and after chilled out naked in his back seat while I drew pictures on the steamed windows. For some reason, that I don't remember why now, I had to get in the front seat. His car is only two doors, so I opened the door not knowing the alarm was on. The alarm starts going off loud as can be in my nice quiet asleep neighborhood. We both freak out because it's 2am, and we try and find the keys STILL naked by the way. but WE CANT FIND THEM! I guess while having sex the keys got lost under the seat. I notice the front house lights go on and see my mom looking out the window at us. So I jump out the car naked and throw on some of my cloths, and while I'm putting on my shirt my dad walks out and catches me with my shirt half on and half off, my boyfriend in the car putting on his pants and the very steamed windows. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened. After 2 min of my dad standing there watching us while the alarm is going off my boyfriend finds his keys and shuts it off. My dad just looks at me and says nothing and walks into the house. My mom the next morning gives me the dirty look and says next time try his house not ours. So SO SO embarrassing. I couldn't look at my dads face for a month. My boyfriend still to this day laughs at me about it.

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