Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dont be too flexible!

So, my fiance', at the time, and I had a bit of a rough start in our relationship. We ended up staying at my folks for the summer, sleeping on the pull-out. My parents house tends to be the social hub of our family and you wouldn't be surprised to find random cousins, aunts or siblings hanging out. Anyways, it was mid day and the house was surprisingly empty when the mood struck us.I happen to be very flexible and my ex loved utilizing my..err..abilities. ;-D He had me scrunched up against the couch arm (on my back) with my legs behind my head. We were going at it when we noticed the outside flood light kick on. needless to say we didnt have anytime to hide other that to have him duck down on the floor next to the couch, leaving me in the awkward pretzel position. My younger cousin walks in and notices me. the back of the couch faces the kitchen where she would be walking in. all that she was able to see was that my legs were hanging over the arm of the couch. She passes by with a howdy do on her way to the fridge then, to my horror(and pain) sits at the table and strikes up a conversation with me. Talk lasted for about 10 min and finally she (laughing the entire time) helps untangle me!!! A relief at not being caught but also very embarrassing for me!

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