Friday, March 1, 2013

Dont flaunt it, if you dont know how to use it!

so i met this guy over fb and he reminded me of ronnie of jersey shore short muscly as fuck the whole thing and we spent some time together after about a week i was at his house and we had this huge fight and then we just started making out and he had me pinned to the bed he pulled down my undies were on the floor faster than the speed of light haha i helped take his pants off and then his boxers put the condom and we started going at it he was a bit small but i don't like to judge as long as he knows how to use it... he didn't! he was grunting like a porn star sweating all over me and was calling me some chicks name and after about 4 minutes he was done he layed on top of me panting like he had just ran a marathon i was of course a little disapointed but the worst thing was he thought he was like superman for about a week he asked me how good he was and to rate him out of 10 i couldn't bring myself to do it so we stopped talking after that. me and all my friends renamed him the 4min man

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