Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dont go in the woods!!

Me and an old friend used to meet up to satisfy our needs. Things were good but eventually too many emotions got involved. We used to meet up in secret places and get on with it. One time we went down to a woods in the middle of nowhere and snook off into a hidden corner beside some bushes. After the most romantic start things got more heated and all of a sudden we heard a rustling. Then a big bull terrier came barking through the bush running towards me and my friend. Ive never seen a man pull out, grab his clothes and run so fast in my life. Leaving me there whilst he rushes to put his trousers on, a family then come to find the dog, with there very young (2 or 3 tops) daughter. Me sat there with nothing on. Safe to say, we never did it after that!

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