Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dont turn the AC on without turning the car on!!

A few years ago I met this guy through a friend and we hung out a few times. One night I was watching a friend's house while they were on vacation (I lived with my parents and so did he because we were still in high school.) Well I took the car keys to my friend's car and drove over to a vacant lot right by his house. We started making out and it turned into us about to have sex. Well I had the air turned on in the car because it was hot but I did not have the car engine on, and as soon as he started to go inside me the car battery died! We freaked out and he didn't want to get in trouble so he said he was going home and for me to just sleep in the car until his dad headed to work the next morning and have him restart it. Well both of our parents being strongly against sex before marriage and me knowing his parents personally I knew his dad would know why I was in a vacant lot by his house seeing as the day before we had asked if we could go to the mall together and they said not by ourselves. Well the guy went home and they lived way back in the woods. It was 3am and I started walking through the woods and came to a gas station about ten minutes away. There was a security guard there for a local boat place and I got a ride with him back to my friend's car where he recharged it for me, all the while me telling him I had parked because I didn't want to drive on the phone! lol....anyway I headed back to my friend's house with their car (that they didn't know I borrowed) and while driving back I realized I had popped the tire on something in the vacant lot. I did get it fixed and put gas in the car and no one knew the difference in the end. Later I told me best friend and he said he would have come picked me up and helped me out and that next time just be careful getting in the car with strangers. He still makes fun of me to this day, but there is a good part to this story :) ....I am engaged and going to marry a wonderful guy soon, and my first time of having sex will be with the man I marry.

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