Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dont Undress In The Pool

Keep me anonymous.... So one time I go to this party. Well there was this guy i had hooked up with before there and even tho I didn't expect to mess with him things happened.. We ended up gettin in the pool I was in my bra and panties he was in just basketball shorts. One thing led to another and stuff happened.. Well everyone from the party ended up walking outside and catching us so I got up and was about to get out if the pool until I realized I couldn't find my panties... We looked for about 10 mins and I just gave up and me and my friend left. As if I wasn't embarrassed enough that everyone caught us (even tho I obviously denied doing anything with him) the next time I went over there to drink and hangout my panties were hanging on the wall apparently they were sucked into the pool filter so everyone knew.. Ugh I was mortified.

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