Thursday, March 7, 2013

Embarrassing rape fantasies

My girlfriend at the time, now fiancé, told me she had a "forced" fantasy in which I'd take her no matter how hard she fought. We set up a code word to use in case things got too far & planned it. She kept me on edge for four days, rubbing my cock & licking me every chance she got but not allowing my release. I had told her that we'd "play" on Saturday.

Saturday came and she asked me to take her out to lunch. All during which she was toying with me, eating & drinking seductively & fondling me under the table with her feet. The whole ride home she was rubbing me through my pants as I drove. As we pulled into the apartment parking lot I told her that she was gonna get it when we got upstairs. She jumped from the car and ran up with me chasing her.

As we entered the apartment I yelled out "You're gonna give me that pussy one way or another!" As her part in the fantasy, she yelled back "Don't you fucking touch me!" as I was closing the door.

I attacked her, loudly, vulgarly and aggressively attacked her in the living room. Tearing at clothing, yelling things I wouldn't normally say and she was yelling her "protests" the entire time.

Our fun and "fantasy" came to a screeching halt when the door flew open and two police officers stood in the doorway, guns drawn, yelling at me to "let the woman go." As soon as I did I was tackled and handcuffed before I could say anything. I tried to explain as they were hauling me towards the door, which they weren't interested in hearing. She finally yelled "Stop! It's okay! Let him go!" The cops stood there speechless for a second and I had to urge her to tell them what was going on. They let me go with a stern warning about being so loud while we carried out fantasies.

Apparently my neighbor heard what was happening and called the cops thinking I was raping her. Needless to say, we haven't played out that fantasy again & have moved from that apartment into a quieter, country house. Maybe one day we'll give it a shot again, I just won't yell so loud. Lol!

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