Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Friends trolling!!

One day Me and my mates were talking about different places to have sex with our girlfriends , they suggested a place that I should drive to that's secluded and great for car sex. So I suggested this to my girlfriend (now ex) and she thought we should go there. Anyways we got to this place that my friends suggested and things started getting heated quite quickly, we got in the back of my car, she got on top of me an we started going at it. A while later the car got steamy and we couldn't see a thing outside apart from a car that had pulled up behind us unnoticed, and was flashing their lights. We both stopped and started to get dressed when someone from outside tapped the window! I opened the window slightly to see some bloke standing outside, asking if he could come in and join on the fun!! I told him to bugger off, and sped out of there like lightening!! When I told my friends of then ordeal they then revealed to me that they had sent me to a gay dogging site....... So basically the bloke who asked if he can join in probably thought I was In the car with another guy, definitely not going there again!

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