Thursday, March 14, 2013

Old school grand-parents!

So me and this guy I work with was texting for a few week and decided to 'bump' into each other on a night out. Luckily my mate fancied his mate...bonus! So after a few drinks, we couldn't keep our hands off each other and was constantly snogging in the club. After a few hours, we all decided we would go back to his but he somehow managed to get his mate and my mate to go bk to his mates lol we wasn't even in bed 5 mins before we was at it trying to be quiet as he lives with his grandparents! About half way into it, his grandad walks in and turns the light on! All he could say was 'your a disgrace'. He left and we carried on til the early hours lol my mate picked me up later on and went home. We still text now but let's just say he's not allowed any visitors around!

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