Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Parents wake up at night!!

So this happened about 8 years ago while I was still living at my parents' house. This guy and I had been "talking" for about a month. I told him to come over when he got off work one day (he worked as a bouncer at a night club so it was after 2 am by the time he got to my house). So anyways he comes over while my parents are sleeping and things start getting pretty hot and heavy. We were in the act for about 45 min when I suggested I take out one of my toys and we incorperate that. So he flips me over onto my hands and knees and we are going at it for another 30 minutes when he quickly rolls over and under the covers. Me (ass still in the air and toy vibrating loud) turn my head around to see what is going on, and there is my mother, peering in my room (lights were out) trying to see what the commotion was. I guess she had gotten up to let my dog out (who was sleeping in my parents room) and heard some noises coming from my room! I flipped over, covered myself up, but forgot to turn off the toy. She quickly shut my door and started to yell. After the guy and I got dressed, I escorted him out of the house and had to endure the wrath of my mother. Needless to say, she didn't look at me or speak to me for a good 2 weeks!!!

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