Friday, March 8, 2013

Phones and headsets are bad!!

Fan submitted: A few days after she and I had originally had sex, we were sitting home playing some video game in my room, ( believe it was call of duty.) Suddenly, the mood struck me and i leaned in and started kissing her neck. Thats her go spot and it quickly escelated from there. She turned and removed her xbox headset, before going down on me for a few minutes. She's a very tiny girl so I can flip her around and pick her up and everything, so the sex is always awesome. This time was no different and I lifted her up and spun her so we were 69ing. It felt so amazing and she tasted so good. Finally I pulled her away bent her over the edge of my bed, and started ramming her from behind. She kept screaming for me to spank her ass, and how she loved my hard cock, well we were close to finishing, and suddenly my cell phone began ringing. I quickly answered it and it was one of our close friends.....come to find out, her stupid phone, (an old flip phone) had decided to call him up, and that he'd heard our rough sex for a few minutes. We were soooo embarrassed!!! And to make matters worse, she never turned off her headset, so a few dozen call of duty players also got to hear our screams of pleasure. To this day our friend dosnt let us live it down.

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