Friday, March 22, 2013


One day me and an old friend with benefits were hanging out and
well things started getting heated so he drove
us to some woods were a lot of people go mudding
and stuff. Well along the track there were little 
nooks so people could pull in and have some happy
time. Well just as were starting after me teasing
him for awhile two trucks pull in in front of us
so he turns his truck on and shines his brights
at them. We pull off so I offered road head so he
stopped to drop his drawers one last time. he then put
the truck in park, after all was said and done he
hops out the truck and yells back at them dammit
f*k yall. Yall interrupted me getting some head
moons them the pulls his pants up and hops back In.
I was red in the face. At least they were strangers and didn't know who we were lol.

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