Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skittles are fun!!

Alright so my girlfriend and I at the time had been together on and off for about a year, we had both had sex with a few people before we met each other so we had been pretty exposed to stuff sexually, one day when we were on holidays my parents had gone out to the shops and we were left to sleep in together, when we woke up, we got into it straight away, after about 2 hours of doing stuff, we decided we were going to do something we had never done before, I had a bag of skittles next to my bed, so I was like fuck it and started puttin them in her pussy and licking them out and shit, my bed was pretty old and saggy so I put my pillow under her ass to hold it up, after a while the colour from the skittles started running out of her pussy onto my white pillow, needless to say I told my mates and had the evidence to show them when I got home. They give me heaps about it and now I think about it, it's pretty embarrassing

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