Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Too bad the cop know's me!!

My boyfriend and I just started going out only a couple weeks ago, one night after a long shift I get to his house and I ask him if he wanted to smoke a blunt. He was down but asked if we could go somewhere else because there was alot of people at his house. I didn't live in that city anymore so we decided to smoke in a nearby orchard that he said was a good spot. ( He lived in a town of maybe 20,000 people) Well we got distracted and instead of smoking, we had sex in my car for hours. When we were finlly done we decided to chill in the backseat of my jeep naked. Well about less than ten minutes later we had two city cops pull up behind us. While were scrabbling around the car trying to find our clothes (my bf was naked, I on the other hand only had knee-high raindbow socks on only) The cop shines his light on me totally seeing my titties, telling us to please get dress and get out. Not embarrassing enough getting pulled over with your boyfriend of two weeks having sex in the orchard with knee-high rainbow socks on but when i got out the car the officer addressed me by my last name. He had known me since i was about 13 I am now almost 20 he was the local city cop that knew everybody and there mom

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