Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Use a flashlight!!

I was recently at a local night club with some friends when I hooked up with this brunette girl.i told the guys I was leaving as she seemed pretty keen on getting the job done,we left the club looking for a cab when she spotted this old building and said you want to do it there pointing to the house..I said yes,within seconds she was on her knees sucking me off after a few mins I started fingering her she started moaning put it in..so we had wild heated sex behind this building.i hopped in a cab shortly after and the cab driver said rough night I said yes you could say that (smiling),then he says must have been when you were fighting,I looked down at my hands to find they were covered in blood she was on her period..never seen her again and it wasnt the only body part that was blood covered....

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