Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why do they call you waterworks?

Me and my friends had gone to another city to go party, and ended up at one of their friend's houses. we played beer pong, took shots, and were having a great time, but i was wanting to smoosh with someone, and there was ONE cute guy there, so we started talking && i told him i wanted to hook up... so we ended up in his room (turns out this was his house we were at) and started messing around, and wow... he was great!... now here's the embarrassing part..when i have amazing orgasms, like he was giving me, i cum ALOT. he noticed this and started to go even harder, this turned him on... after we finish, i fall asleep.
the next morning, i wake up, and to my horror, i find my friends sleeping next to me (guys and girls). when they wake up they proceed to ask me why the whole bed was soaked... after they find out, they proceed to call me "waterworks", etc. for the next couple months

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