Friday, April 26, 2013

Black Eye!!

My boyfriend and I were going at it pretty good, mostly oral. It's already awkward due to the fact that I'm 15 weeks pregnant. My guy loves going down on me though. Anyways, the room mate walks in. Not your typical "walked-in-on" story.. Because my boyfriend and I both hear the door before it opens completely, he throws the cover over both of us.. and in the process smacks me straight in the eye. We all had a good laugh. Eye still hurts though... Wonder if the doc's will believe I walked into a door..or if they'll start asking me if I feel safe at home at my next appointment

Bad Threesome :P

hey iv got a really embarrassing story so here i go i was at this party and this guy walked up to me and says hi i'm chad can i get you a drink so i was like what the hell why not so after a while i was really drunk and he goes do you wanna come for a ride in my car so i'm like okay and takes me back to his house and i was so horny and he goes you up for a threesome and i'm thinking ohgod not good but i did anyway and so i start sucking this random guys dick and chad started to give me anal and we were 20 minutes in and i started to feel really sick and my knows was itchy as hell all of sudden i sneezed and bit this poor guys dick and he was screaming i split him open and to make things worse i kinda shat on chads dick since that day we have never talked and every time i see him its so awkward.

Sad Attraction :(

I'm friends with this guy and he and I have always had this unusual sexual attraction toward each other. We never acted upon said attraction though. 
One day, we were talking about our odd desires and I told him a few different things; but he specifically focused on my desire for some type of mark on my skin. I said that I wanted a hickey. I never got one before, so why not?
When I told him I wanted that, he said he would be the one to give it to me. I agreed that he could.
A few weeks ago, we were talking and I told him I wanted to meet up with him. I met him at this park by his house because his family was home and I wouldn't do anything knowing they were there.
When he got in my car, he immediately leaned over and kissed me. It was a pretty good kiss... but his breath was BAD. While he was kissing me, he started lifting up my shirt and squeezing my breast. After a few seconds, he slid his hand down into my pants. I told him that he could finger me because he told me that he could make me come quickly. So he put his hand down there and starts to stroke me. I told him to do something else because it wasn't doing much for me. He moved over a little while he started to suck on my breast. I thought it would feel really good, so I was excited about it... but I could barely feel it because I was too distracted over what was happening down low... He was getting really rough; but not in a good way. I told him that I would do it to help him out. I tried to take over and he pushed my hand out of the way!
So when it was all over, it took over 30 minutes till I finally came... not quickly like he bragged. I smelled his breath on my lips and even my boobs, so that was nasty.
The hickey lasted almost 2 weeks too... Every time I took my shirt off, I had to look at the terrible reminder of the bad decision I made.
Not gonna happen again.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fire's Suck!

Okay so the most embarrassing sex story for me was with my current fiance. Well we live in a shelter at the time and we were just finished getting super high so we got a little horny. It was around 8. When you're high you get paranoid like a bitch. So we started fucking with no hesitation. All of our clothes are off and my man is on top just sliding in next thing you know we here a big BANG AND SCREAM SAYING FIRE. My fiance jumps out of me so fast grabs my 4 month old sleeping son leaves me on the bed naked. He's running out the door naked covering his penis with his effing hand ... when he gets down stairs our room mates start dieing of laughter . They set the whole shit up . So now everyone knows how big my fiance's dick is and how loud the baby can cry when being woken up . Lol I was so pissed that he left me to die. I will never let him live it down I swear I won't

This is just awkward :P

OK so this just happened the other night. I had finally got my daughter to bed and my husband was at work, before I got in the shower I decided to play with my "toy". So like half way into it the batteries went DEAD. So I did what any other person would do. Went to get new batteries. I made it down stairs to the kitchen and began to search for new batteries. When all of a sudden the front door opens. And there I was standing butt ass naked, in my kitchen, with a blue vibrator in my hand in front of my husband and 3... that's right 3 of his buddy's from work. I was mortified! Frozen from shock and embarrassment, my face blood red. As soon as they made it to thru the house and into the garage I booked it upstairs and stayed there until they were gone. The worst part is one of the guys comes over everyday for dinner.


When I was younger I dated this guy that was four years older than me. We were in my dad's bathroom, which was right next to the living room. Some of our friends were over. He wanted a blowie, I was cool with it. I'd never given head before.. and I had braces. We started going at it. I'm trying to please him the best way I knew how, going fast, so I thought. I ended up scraping the top of his dick with my braces. He was a douche about it. Even though I was super sorry and embarrassed, he went out and told everybody. So not only did I have skin from his dick stuck in my braces but I was also mortified! Needless to say I didn't do oral after that for a long time lol.

This happens a lot!

This was funny and embarrassing (anonymous) me and my ex bf hadn't seen each other a very long time we had dated each other for 2 years, when we reunited, we were having a conversation and one thing led to another...inside his sisters van we were doing our things I was a little scared to get caught by someone and I kept trying to look out the window to make sure no one was going to pop up..he tells me to relax and I let my guard down when all of a sudden his sister opens the door, jumps in and starts driving talking about the cops looking for him and all this stuff... she had no idea what we were doing and I was laughin my ass off thinking she knew... Then i realized she still idea so there we were both butt naked with his sister driving all wild talkin about some crazy shit and we all getting dress in the back lol...after i was done n we stoped i asked her if she saw anything and she was clue less then haha idk if she was.playing it off or she really didnt see anything but it was pretty funny.


"Me and my ex were up for a bit of outdoor fun one day so we drove off to a country park for some fun, we walked for ages and found a lovely spot by the side of a pond, the sun was shining and everything was going really well until he got to the vinegar strokes...all of a sudden there was a crashing through the undergrowth and this bloody great Doberman came steaming out of the bushes beside us and leapt into the water. My bloke was so startled he turned around, stark bollock naked and tripped over a tree root, falling face down in the mud. The dog walker had a great view of me falling backwards into a patch of nettles.
Never again...I spent the rest of the day dabbing my foofie with calamine lotion and having to get my bloke to dig bramble thorns out of my arse..."

Thursday, April 18, 2013


While watching the final four on tv at a friends house with some of his friends that I don't know. Things kind of started to get weird and two of the guys just started to make out and then stopped and asked if I wanted to join. Being a straight guy I said no. But they kept insisting and next thing I know they were holding me down and trying to take my pants off. I tried to get them off but my friend just told me to give up and let them do it. And we'll I'm pretty ashamed to say all the fighting did turn me on. Lets just say I didn't do some straight thing that day."


So I was seeing this girl a while back and she had asked me over to her house since her parents were away for the weekend and she had the place to herself. So I'm thinking get in there, as you would, even though her house is quite a bit away. So after a replacement bus instead of a train and a taxi to her house we finally start to get down and dirty. I'm in my boxers and she's completely naked, I've been the gentleman and given her oral and fingered her then she's lying giving me a hand job with my boxers still on. I say to her, "I need to go home in these remember" as a hint for her to go down and return the favor when she comes back with the epic, "Ohh, do you wanna finish yourself off in the bathroom?". I called a taxi and left, not spoke to her since.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cops Suck

This is more awkward then embarrassing really 
So my "friend" had picked me up to go back to his, on the drive we messed around a little with each other n I was ready to go as soon as we pull up unfortunately as we pull up all I see is blue flashing lights and I look round and its an unmarked police car! So he tells me to stay in the car while he gets out n talks to them n locks me in. He comes back n tells me that they thought his car was stolen then he say just go to the front door when he says, a few minuets later I get a text saying "now" so I go in it must of been a real turn on for him because we didn't even make it to his room after that he took me from behind on the stairs. i felt slightly bad for him that he had to talk to the cops with a hard on n I was sat in the car but it was a bit of a thrill really

Monday, April 15, 2013

Something stupid :P

So this is more funny than embarrassing... when me and my girlfriend (now wife) were in high school we would get a chance to have sex at my house cause there was always somebody at her house. So one day my parents weren't home and wouldnt be home til late that night so we decided to get busy. It started off nice and easy then as we both got into it I just started poundin harder and harder. At some point I look up at my headboard and everything on it is moving including a picture frame I had on it. It eventually worked its way to the edge and falls off and the corner of it hit my wife right in the forehead. We both bust out laughing and eventually finished

Dont fuck your managers Daughter

I happened to meet this girl on a night out, she was gorgeous might I add but I only took her number (oh well). So we decided to meet up few more times until she suggested we went over hers as she had a free house.. Things went from one thing to another until we had sex.. We met up in that week again, went over hers she had a free house again started going for it when her mother walked in on us completely naked full on going for it.. I noticed her mother was also my manager in work which was a huge shock! Worst part was it was me and her mother working the early shift in the morning.. Yes just me and her.. Safe to say couldn't look her in the eye anymore haha!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Double Fun

Okay this is more akward than embarrassing. This happened about 2 years ago with my current boyfriend. Well we lived with my parents at the time and we were in the garage hanging out with my sister and his brother. Well they had decided to go get cigarettes and some weed. Soo anyway we thought we'd have enough time to go do the deed. Well apparently not bc my sister ended up walking in on is to tell us they were back. Now the most awkward part is after we finished up we went out to the garage to find my sister and his brother doing it! Most awkward night ever.lmao

Roommates Suck!

So when I was living in the dorms, I shared a room with another girl. I was single and ready to mingle, so I hooked up with an old flame. Super hot frat boy! I made sure my room mate was going to be gone at a study group for the next three hours, and I asked for some "personal time". So I snuck him in and we started the foreplay. All of our clothes were off and the condom was out. Suddenly we heard the lock, and I hide him under the pillows and blankets, and cover myself up. I played off that I was in the middle of dressing, and she proceeded to have a conversation with me obviously NAKED, but no clue there was a sexy naked man in my bed. Twenty minutes later, she used the bathroom and we kinda dress, but she is too fast, so he has to hide again! At this point, he wasn't breathing so well under my fuzzy comforter. It took her 45 minutes to leave, and she never knew! I kicked him out because the mood was ruined, and never tried to sleep with him again (we got caught our first try to sleep together too!)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Condoms can be pain sometimes!

One time me and my ex boyfriend were at his house and nobody was home. We headed straight to the bedroom. Things heated up and he put on a condom and got to work. We started in missionary and then he told me he wanted to hit it from behind. We were going at it and when we were done, he pulled out and the condom got stuck in between my butt cheeks! It made a loud SNAP and then the condom smacked his dick and the condom broke. Cum flew everywhere around the room. It was a complete accident.

Drinking makes you stupid!

Me and my ex from years ago were hanging out at a bar he bought me drinks and i bought him some too. Soon we got feeling good and started making out so we went back to my place and i started giving him a blowjob after five minutes of me sucking his penis he started to breath heavy and was almost to an orgasm all of a sudden he starts shaking and yells shove your finger up my bum hole and milk me! I laughed so hard i had to stop he was so embarrassed he wouldn't even talk to me he just left.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Security gaurds are a pain!

So this happened about five years ago when me and my ex were together. We were driving around during the summer and we both got in a mood. So we decided be were just going to park near the football field were NO one goes by late at night. So we were getting it on i was on top and all of a sudden we saw lights i got scared so i got off of him and got dressed as soon as i was pulling up my pants a security guard knocked on the window and said "I know what you're doing and i don't care that you're doing it just don't do it here" when he said that he was looking straight at me. I was so embarrassed because my mom knew the guy!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Going like Rabbits!

Okay well when I was in high school, I had been dating a guy, he was my first and after that first time, we were like rabbits. Any and everywhere. One day my house was really crowded with family so we decided to take a walk to get away (which also included finding a place to do it). There was a woods behind my house and a cut through it that no one even used anymore, we had gone there a couple times for a quickie before so we decided to do that. We walked off to a little place you couldn't see from the road or the cut through and laid his jacket on the ground. For some reason, that day he had convinced me to get completely naked except for my hoodie. So I was on the bottom, nothing but an unzipped hoodie on and he tells me to switch to doggie style, we transitioned so fast that the hoodie lifted up, pretty much covering nothing but my arms, but heat of the moment, I didn't really care. I'm about to finish when I hear "oh my gosh look at that!" Abruptly my bf stops and I look over to see 2 boys, maybe about 7 or 8 years old, standing next to their bikes that apparently they were walking through the woods as a shortcut to the road. My bf and I sit there frozen for a second, he's still behind me, my boobs are hanging out in plain view then he just jumps in front of me while I scramble to get my clothes on and the boys speed off on their bikes. I got dressed really fast and we decided to go back to my house, thoroughly embarrassed, we get to the road and have to pass the same kids who just caught us in the act as they ride by us giggling.

Wear them slowly

A few years back my ex and I where hanging out at my house. We were really horny and didn't want to get caught so we went outside to fool around. We sat at a bench and started making out, then went to foreplay, and then she decided to tell me that she is on her period. Frustrated I just tell her that we can just have anal sex. So I bend her over the bench and get to work. About ten minutes in she tells me to stop. Naturally during sex I ignore her and keep going. She then more loudly says please stop I'm gonna pee. For what ever reason, I didn't believe her so I started to pound her harder and then all of a sudden I feel something warm on my thigh. It was her pee. She just starts laughing and says I told you to stop!

Well you should have listened

A few years back my ex and I where hanging out at my house. We were really horny and didn't want to get caught so we went outside to fool around. We sat at a bench and started making out, then went to foreplay, and then she decided to tell me that she is on her period. Frustrated I just tell her that we can just have anal sex. So I bend her over the bench and get to work. About ten minutes in she tells me to stop. Naturally during sex I ignore her and keep going. She then more loudly says please stop I'm gonna pee. For what ever reason, I didn't believe her so I started to pound her harder and then all of a sudden I feel something warm on my thigh. It was her pee. She just starts laughing and says I told you to stop!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


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awkward talk

The first time I went with the guy i'm dating I moved on top of him after a steamy foreplay session, we'd been biting, kissing, touching, going down on each other - it was all very hot. Plus he has the nicest cock I think I've ever seen... Anyway, I'm sat on top of him now, a leg either side, he's breathing quite heavily and his hands are exploring my body. I pull close to him in the sexiest way I know how, biting his lip and stroking his cock, then I whisper in his ear 'how do you want to fuck me?', to which he responds - 'how do you want to fuck me?' In that childish voice only ever used when you repeat something someone's said. Immediately he looked horrified at the realisation of what he'd actually just done and began to mumble something about being shy and talking dirty.. I was too put off to carry on.. We have great sex now but I'll never ask him a naughty question in the heat of passion again.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Anal Beads!

Me and my now ex loved to experiment whenever we could you name it we gave it a go. So one night he comes over and we whip out the handcuffs, blindfold, anal beads and lube. He handcuffed me to the bedpost, blindfolds me and starts teasing. After a coupling of minutes of this he starts slipping in the anal beads and brings me to orgasm before undoing the handcuffs so Ican hop on top. I ride him until he cums both of us completely forgetting the anal beads were still in me until we're both finished and knackered. Once I realise they're still in there I start trying to pull them out but all of my muscles have tensed up and I can't get them out at all!! 20 minutes of tears, pain, pulling and the thoughts of a possible hospital visit on the cards and he finally gets them out of me not since that day have I used anal beads and probably never will again!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


One night while I was living with my now ex boyfriend we had a few people staying the night and they all seemed to have passed out in our room well there was no other bed in the house and things were beginning to heat up. im not very shy so I said lets just make sure there asleep. So we did then we went on to do the dirty. Well I am verg loud so we were going at it doggy style so my face was in a pillow. Just as we both were about to come one of or friends doors up to tell us a full moon is out tonight that's wakes every one up. so i'm caught butt naked because my ex takes covers to cover his ass. To make matters worse when I stood up to go pee the cum that was inside me dripped out all over one of our friends sleeping face.

Pretty funny!!

This happened about 5 years ago. My now husband and I were at his house his parents weren't supposed to be home. His dad is a truck driver and his mom was out looking at there new house. So were sitting on his couch making out and one thing lead to another... We start going at it. He flips me over into doggie style position and he starts thrusting hard I'm butt naked DD boobs flopping all over the place. And all of a sudden his dad walks through the door... Sees me in all my naked glory and he just slowly backs out of the door. I run as fast as I can to my husbands room and hide while he talks to his dad. All his dad can say is I'm proud of you son... Now I live with his parents and me and my husband have a son. It's still hard for me to have sex with my husband when his dad is home

Bad Luck!!

when i was 17 i guess, my friend and i were hanging out with this chick. we were smoking, doing drugs and i told my friend to see if this chick wants to have sex with us. he being too scared made me ask. without much thought, she says yes. so i lay down ground rules (no kissing once a dick is in your mouth, dont cum in her, etc.). right as we are about to get going she said she didn't want to do anything with me since i had a girlfriend; of course i was pissed but went to the other room. my friend comes in minutes later to say she changed her mind. i hop on over and do my thing. when i pulled out to cum, some must have gotten on her. as she turns around to take more dick my friend stuck his hands in it!! BOTH HANDS! after wiping his hands, we hear a car horn. it was her mom to pick her up, my friend never even got to have sex with her! poor guy lost all the way around

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Note to our members!!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

Find a Room!

So my boyfriends mate held a 17th birthday party for him back in September. We all played pool and did shots when you lost and what not. Later on in the night when everyone has rocked up people were pretty wasted. I was out in the back yard with my boyfriend having a 'romantic' conversation when his mate fell on me and really hurt my ankle. My boyfriend picked me up and took me to his car. We sat in the back and talked for a while when he, out of no where pissed my shirt off and started rubbing me. Me being half drunk just sat there and nibbled his ear. I took off his shirt and shorts and he took off my shorts. Then we heard a knock at the window and it was his mate checking to see if i was alright (from my fall). My boyfriend hurried him to leave. Closed the window and picked me up and put me on his lap. He lifted up his ass and pulled off his underwear. After a bit of kissing and further undressing of me we established that there was no one out side of the car. We then started fucking. I kept hitting my head on the roof of the car. Which actually hurt. And because the way my legs were going my now swollen ankle really hurt.
After sex we got out of the car to find his mates in the car next to his filming the entire thing... I then did the limp of shame to the room we were sleeping in the get a round of applause from everyone in the house. Even his mates parents.

Double Bham!

Last night i was hanging out with my boyfriend and a friend of his, That i had just met!! We had been drinking and decided to go back to my place, When we got back to my place the three of us were just sitting on my bed. Im drunk and really horny so i start rubbing my boyfriends crotch with my foot, (he has a foot fetish). He tells his friend to go sit in his truck while we do out thing. After about 15 minutes of me riding him, he says hes not wearing a condom anymore! So i put a finger inside me and pull the condom out,,, and i kinda just hand it to him. . That in itself is embarrassing. BUT it gets worse. I didn't know where it ended up and i didn't care and we just kept going at it. This morning, my boyfriend and his friend come over. Well, his friend goes to get a soda out of the mini fridge that's at the end of my bed and apparently that's where the condom had ended up.

Proposing while giving head? Something new!

Keep anonymous... This is more embarrassing for the guy I was hanging out with this guy for a few weeks and we started messing around. We then got into the sex but I didn't want him to cum inside me so I said I would suck him off. I started sucking his d**k for a minute and he was about to cum. While he was getting off he said "oh my god, I want to marry you! You aren't going anywhere!" I had no idea what to say after that so it was really awkward. I was embarrassed for him most of all. After the clean up he said "that was some wifey s**t". Since I just started talking to this guy a few weeks before this it really put me off. I only sucked his d**k one time after that because I was afraid of his reaction lol.

It always is risky outside!

Keep anon please!!!!!! me and my fella of 6 years were on holiday we arrived at the hotel we both got a bit horny so decided to get down and dirty I thought it would be a good idea to go out on the balcony as it was dark and seemed quiet with nobody about, well we thought! So my fella was about to cum but before he did I screamed and jumped off him and it went all over him ha!...reason being was an old man grinning at me from the next balcony!!! Cringe!! Safe to say I won't be doing that again!!