Tuesday, April 9, 2013

awkward talk

The first time I went with the guy i'm dating I moved on top of him after a steamy foreplay session, we'd been biting, kissing, touching, going down on each other - it was all very hot. Plus he has the nicest cock I think I've ever seen... Anyway, I'm sat on top of him now, a leg either side, he's breathing quite heavily and his hands are exploring my body. I pull close to him in the sexiest way I know how, biting his lip and stroking his cock, then I whisper in his ear 'how do you want to fuck me?', to which he responds - 'how do you want to fuck me?' In that childish voice only ever used when you repeat something someone's said. Immediately he looked horrified at the realisation of what he'd actually just done and began to mumble something about being shy and talking dirty.. I was too put off to carry on.. We have great sex now but I'll never ask him a naughty question in the heat of passion again.

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