Sunday, April 21, 2013


"Me and my ex were up for a bit of outdoor fun one day so we drove off to a country park for some fun, we walked for ages and found a lovely spot by the side of a pond, the sun was shining and everything was going really well until he got to the vinegar strokes...all of a sudden there was a crashing through the undergrowth and this bloody great Doberman came steaming out of the bushes beside us and leapt into the water. My bloke was so startled he turned around, stark bollock naked and tripped over a tree root, falling face down in the mud. The dog walker had a great view of me falling backwards into a patch of nettles.
Never again...I spent the rest of the day dabbing my foofie with calamine lotion and having to get my bloke to dig bramble thorns out of my arse..."

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