Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Note to our members!!

Well it has been around a month since we started this Website/Blog. Hope you guys are enjoying this page as much as I am! I run this Blog along with a full time (50hours+) job so it does become a little difficult to post stuff all the time. At this time I cannot hire anyone also as it will incur cost which is not in my budget right. This month through advertisements we earned 30 Cents, yes no kidding. We earn on clicks on advertisements so no clicks means no money. Anyways that is not the point. What I wanted to say was please do visit our blog if you like it, share it to your friends and family. Help us become someone in the world of Blogs! We need all the people who enjoy reading this as much as I do! You are free to send me your stories at I would love to hear your stories and share them with our viewer’s. We are at this time a very small blog with views around 15-20 averaging a day, so if you have any interesting advice or tips, do let us know we will try to implement them!

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