Sunday, April 21, 2013

This happens a lot!

This was funny and embarrassing (anonymous) me and my ex bf hadn't seen each other a very long time we had dated each other for 2 years, when we reunited, we were having a conversation and one thing led to another...inside his sisters van we were doing our things I was a little scared to get caught by someone and I kept trying to look out the window to make sure no one was going to pop up..he tells me to relax and I let my guard down when all of a sudden his sister opens the door, jumps in and starts driving talking about the cops looking for him and all this stuff... she had no idea what we were doing and I was laughin my ass off thinking she knew... Then i realized she still idea so there we were both butt naked with his sister driving all wild talkin about some crazy shit and we all getting dress in the back lol...after i was done n we stoped i asked her if she saw anything and she was clue less then haha idk if she was.playing it off or she really didnt see anything but it was pretty funny.

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