Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Awkward fall!

Anyway, while I was in high school, my girlfriend at the time and I planned to both "take off" a day of school to pretty much "experiment" with different types of sex cause we were both still pretty inexperienced. I drove over to her house at in the morning after my parents left for work, and of course her parents were gone. We were both really horny and I picked her up and carried her to her bed and things got hot an heavy quick. We even got a little kinky as I slowly stripped her naked along with taking her thog off with my teeth and she slowly took off my clothes too. The first time we just went at it like horny jack rabbits in the traditionally missionary position. After a brief break, we went for round two in the shower standing up with me drilling her from behind. Lastly, at about 11am, for the third time that day, we tried something completely new. I picked her up and had her back against the wall, holding her by her legs in the air with and was going at it hard. About 5 minutes into it my phone was ringing. We were right next to her dresser where my phone was so with one hand still holding her up I grab my phone and answered. It was my mom. She was jus asking how my day off was going and stuff like that. As the same time this is going on, I'm still having sex with my girlfriend and praying that my mom will hang up. Suddenly as I'm on the phone with my mom and still fucking my girlfriend, I loose my grip on her and we both fall to the ground. My mom on the other line heard the commotion and asked what happened. Laughing about the whole thing, I told her I slipped on something but the fact that my girlfriend yelled "you landed on my boob" kinda gave my mom a different idea of what was going on then she said we will talk later. When my mom got home from work that day she said how was i recovering from that fall with a very sarcastic expression and walked away laughing. Talk about awkward lol.

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