Sunday, May 19, 2013

Best...S*X Ever....

So a few years back me and my now wife were spending the night at my parent's house. We waited for hours for everybody to fall asleep, once everybody was out we immediately went at it. It was great s*x, we went at it for about 45 minutes when all of a sudden i noticed her pussy was getting TIGHTER. I didnt think too much about it then all of a sudden she lets out a cry of pain and within seconds...and i shit you not her vagina CRAMPED so bad i couldn't pull my dick out. Well her yell woke up my parents and they came in to see me stuck between her legs. All i could say was "No time to explain but i cant get it out i think she needs to go to the hospital" I grabbed her around her waist and my dad grabbed her shoulders and we got out to the car. When we got to the hospital we covered up with a blanket and sat on a wheelchair. The doc gave her some muscle relaxants and after about 5 minutes or so she loosened up and everything was back to normal.

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