Friday, May 3, 2013

blue Balls!

"my boyfriend and I decided to have a nice day at the park. we walked around for a bit and decided to go to a quiet area under a bridge along a rail road track. under the bridge was a concrete ledge thr he decided to bend me over and give it to me from behind. we were going at it when his dad calls. it didnt stop us. at this point he was sitting on top of the ledge and I was ontop riding him. all of a sudden three teenagers walk through the trees onto the tracks. I never pulled my pants up so fast ! we just sat there awkwardly after that because he still had a boner and his pants were still undone. I had the biggest wedgie of my life. we decided to leave and as we walked past one of the boys asked if we wanted weed. my man said no but thanks for the blue balls! anonymous please."

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