Monday, May 27, 2013

Boobs A bare!

I was at a party completely hammered. My friends went upstairs and i knew they were going to f**k. They went into the bathroom and locked the door. I decide im going to watch so i saw the gutter on the corner of the house. I climbed up the gutter to a small ledge. Now the width of this ledge was maybe just wide enough to put my one foot flush flat against the house. I start scaling the side of the house in my drunken stupor, toward the bathroom window. There are about 150 people below me just starting to notice. I remember one person yelling " heather, you're on the house" and i replied im gonna watch em bang" with that i lost my footing and began to fall. It just so happens there was a nail sticking out right below me. This special little nail caught my shirt and bra on it and with gravity not on my side i dropped a bit more. Luckily, sort of, i caught the ledge below stopping my imminent injury but didnt stop my shirt and bra from being over my head. I was hanging in front of a huge bay window where inside was 30 of my brothers friends playing drinking games. So boobs a bare i had to hang there til my bro caught me below.

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