Monday, May 20, 2013

Damn outside Drunk

So about 2 years ago my best friend (now fiancé) and I were at his friends house, bored of watching everyone play video games we decided to get super drunk and f*ck somewhere crazy. In the midst of trying to get our drink on this girl (who was not so much my friend as I was hers, because she was really annoying and always found a way to hangout) called and asked if she could come over. I told her we aren't doing anything fun so maybe another night. Continuing our drinking, we end up getting super trashed and go outside to find some place to fuck. We finally decide the electrical box on the side of the apartments is where it's going down. Things start getting heated and before I know it my back is on the box and my legs are in the air. All of the sudden a car comes out of no where and stops right in front of us, and I jump up to pull my pants up, my now fiancé, starts talking to these people like he knows them. I turn around and see the girl with two other people, one was her boyfriend.... Here is the embarrassing part, the other person was this guy I was seeing for a little bit but we stopped talking because he had to move to Cali for work and didnt know how long he'd be gone for(which turned into a year and a half)... However, he promised me that he would surprise me randomly when he came home and take me out and we can start where we left off... So while I'm standing there looking him dead in the eyes in shock the girl yells "SURPRISE! I missed you, so I thought bringing him would get you to come out with us" and me still trying to gather my thoughts i say "i bet you guys are more surprised then we are, guess that backfired." Then we slowly backed up and ran for the apartment. My fiancé and I stuck together after that, and we still die laughing when we talk about it. 

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