Friday, May 3, 2013

Game Over

me and my girlfriend invited her parents to stay with her. She was a university student and her parents still thought that she is still a virgin, although we were together for a while, she didn't want to introduce me to her parents as a boyfriend, because she was still very young and still at the college, sort of she introduce me as her friend. I came to her house to have a dinner with her and her whole family, late after when everyone left to their rooms I stayed with my gf and we started kissing in the kitchen. She got very horny and a minute after she started oral on me, so mine boy got stiff like rock, we still thought it's a fun thing as we both were very excited about her parents sleeping in other room, brother and sister in other.... well the fun ends up right here. We were so excited that we didn't hear that her mom opened the door in other room, and when she got to the kitchen it was already too late, my girlfriend got scared and she pulled the zipper up, zipping my willy's skin a little, obviously I started screaming, and everyone woke up in the house, her dad rushed to see what did happen... Quite unpleasant situation, eventually their daughter blamed me that I seduced her to have sex with me, of course her parents believed her that I put the cock into her mouth, and I took her virginity... worse I had nothing to say about, and later on I had to propose and marry that girl, sort of we had to keep the family traditions. Still married with kids - game over

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