Friday, May 3, 2013

No Shame

Me and my boyfriend a few month ago was watching a film with his mates all cuddled up on setee with a cover I felt this hand slip down my pants and he starting playing with me, so I put my hand behide me and started playing with him, after about 10 mins me & him got really really horny and really wanted it he said go upstairs and I said no I toke my pants down under the cover and he toke his down he started moving slowy and it wasn't enuff for me I wanted more and harder so I told him to do it how I like it so he started to do it and his mates stared to notice and one of them said what you doing I went bright red and he said nothing, after about another 10 mins on of his friends got up and started to walk to the kitchen did a quick turn jumped on us and pulled the cover off I have never been so scared 2 days later we watched a film again with a different friend of his and it happened all again but this friend didn't realise I ended up going to make a cuppa and he bent me over the kitchen sink about 15 feet away from his mate led on sete

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