Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anyone want to buy a pizza

Please keep anonymous!! This was a few weeks back but me and my boyfriend were relaxing in my flat, first time we had been alone for a while, we ordered a takeaway to eat while we watched our film and the. Things turned a bit frisky, our hands were all over each other and the. I decided to give him head... I was going at it for quite a while and he was LOVING it, after about 30 minuets he came and it practically choked me! (I prefer a heads up when it's going to happen) bam! All over my face! Literally just then a knock at the door! I cleaned my face best I could before answering the door, our pizza had arrived so I paid the delivery boy who before leaving informed me there was something in my hair... Lets put it this way, I didn't do a good job of cleaning and in never ordering pizza from there again!

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