Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Damn that was loud

Ok so i had just turned 17 and had a fuck buddy already and it seemed like every night we met up to have sex.there was nothing this guy couldn't get me to do.soo one night he says lets go to my friends house and hang out a lil bit..well we were bored there and his friends were playing dominoes and he takes me into the bathroom and starts fucking me doggystyle really hard and fast and I'm like whoaa hold on I'm bout to fall starts pounding really hard then all of a sudden he gets out real quick and grabs my belly like a big bear hug and the biggest loudest pussy fart...ohh my fucking gosh...everyone heard it and i was embarassed couldn't believe he did that and i made him take me home and never spoke to him again..although he still tries to msg me on Facebook..ugh

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