Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dont talk the talk, if you cant walk the waLK

I met this girl on facebook and we clicked. She was from my city, so we switched numbers and became text buddies. we would text all night long. Eventually we started sexting. We would role play, and express our desires to fuck each other. 

During these sexts and role plays- I presented myself as an aggressive lover. that turned her so on because she loved rough sex. After few weeks of constant sexting and role-playing- finally she texted me her address and asked me to come over. Her family was out that day- so I went over to her place. 

Then came the moment of truth- we were in her living room awkwardly smiling at each other. After awhile- I mastered the courage to kiss her. She kissed me back. and we went at. We took our clothes off while making out and touching each other. Then she got on her knees meaning to give me a head. She took my penis in her hand and gave it few strokes- before she could take it in her mouth I ejaculated in her face. It was so embarrassing. she didn't expect it at all. she was under the impression that we were just getting started. fuck!! I wanted to die right there, or just magically disappear into thin air.

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