Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Go upstairs guy!!

Please keep anonymous so there I was having the last party I could I few days before I left for basic me and my girlfriend were playing beer pong and I was whispering in her ear how bad I wanted to fuck but everyone was still there and we could just disappear so I convinced her we could go in the bathroom and have a quicky until later that night well I got her bent over going at it and then we hear bang bang bang on the door we ignore it at first but then it happens about three more times and we hear come on I gotta piss so she is laughing her ass off saying go upstairs and the guy says I thought it was oh wait are you two in there having sex and she starts laughing her ass off and says ill have to wait so we go walking out of the bathroom and everyone is standing there clapping and was like I wonder where you two took off to

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