Sunday, June 30, 2013

knock before you enter, rule number 1 for any parent

I was with my girlfriend for 4years (now an ex) and we were 17/18yrs old. We were fooling around on my bed kissing and toy fighting when it led into having sex. We were going at it like mad and I had her bent over. Going for gold she was moaning and saying mu name louder and louder. All this going on I completely forgot my mother was in the house as I was caught in the moment and didnt care about anything else. Anyway, she had climaxed and I was just about to finish off going harder when my bedroom door suddenly opened. My mother had walked in with a pink wooden chair and in complete shock she didnt walk back out... no, she started a convo! Asking me to paint it blue! When I tried to tell her to get the hell out the feeling of me being inside my ex (who at this point had her head under the pillow in shock) I climaxed and came whilst talking to my mum... I let out a little moan and felt disgusting after. She soon left as I think she caught on what just happened.

I didnt leave my room for a few days and I now have a lock fitted on my room door

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