Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I use to sneak in my gf house all the time during my senior yr of high school and stay the night. One day i stayed over her house on a Thursday and the following day was a holiday so there wasnt school. We were both naked and sleeping in her bed when we heard knocking on her door. I couldnt go out the window bc her room was on the second floor. The knocking continued and we heard her father yelling at her to open the door and get up for school bc she was going to be late (he did not know it was a holiday there for no school) so she gelled back and said there was no school. He finally opened the door and at that time i had my boxers on and he saw me putting on my pants. He said what the hell are you doing in my house and i replied i was studying and fell asleep. He went to grab his baseball bat and i freaked out bc i had no time to run down stairs and out the house b4 he would get to me so we. Both ran to the bathroom and she turned on the shower and locked the door. Her dad came back and yelled to open the bathroom door. She said she was showering and he said no your not your hiding him. I hid under the sink. I was cramed in there. She opened the door and i could hear him yelling and looking for me. Then he thought i ran out the house so he left the house to look for me outside. While he was outside i got out the bathroom and ran outside and took off for my car. He saw me and took off running after me so i did not have time to unlock my car and start it so i took off running from him. He did not catch me but i had a friend go get my car after that lol.

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