Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Too young!!

When it was my sophomore year of high-school I had my first ever with my then boyfriend! We dated about 8 months. In that 8 months, on new years Eve I was allowed to stay the night with him. We were both so excited because he just got back from a vacation. It was after midnight and we decided to lay in his room and watch a movie. He figured his mom and dad would be upstairs sleeping and wouldn't be coming back down. So, We started doing some foreplay with the light on and it was fun!! We decided to do 69. I was on top of him and next thing I knew, his mother walked in on me, dick in mouth. I looked up, eyes wide open, dropped his dick and fell back onto the bed and covered myself while she was yelling lol! She ran upstairs telling his dad and he laughed about it. I was told I couldn't sleep in his room with him that night and after that, we ended up having sex again lol. I wasn't aloud in the house after that and I had to tell my parents too or his dad was going to haha I still crack up thinking about it to this day!!

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